All the small things

Not everything on a TV show, even an otherwise good show, is going to be good.

Pictured: Me most of the time

Whether plot, characters, or narrative contrivance, sometimes small things will add up to create big problems for ongoing series. As we head towards the midseason here are some small things that have been driving me nuts in the first half of this season

The Orville is either going to need to get funnier and be a comedy, or ditch the comedy and become an action/drama. Right now, in this weird middle ground, it’s coming off as flat and forced on all levels. Lean in. To something.

Cute episode title conventions are all well and good, but how many words or phrases exist with the letter “x” for The Gifted to keep this up?

Do the Supergirl writers think all their viewers suffered a massive head injury over hiatus? It’s the only explanation for the handholding they’ve been doing this season. Your viewers are not rocks, we can figure it out. Please stop hammering us with the same obvious points over and over.

Speaking of the National City gang, Did Maggie (Floriana Lima) leave town after breaking up with Alex (Chyler Leigh)? While their breakup was well handled, the awkward working relationship that NCPD will now have with the DEO is a bridge they have yet to cross.

And the breakup sex seemed gratuitous.

Hey entire cast of Arrow have you people not learned that keeping secrets is BAD. Especially when that secret is that you have INCURABLE NERVE DAMAGE AND YOU’RE TAKING ILLEGAL DRUGS TO FIX IT, JOHN (David Ramsey)!! Additionally, compartmentalizing who knows what is JUST AS BAD QUENTIN (Paul Blackthorne) AND DINAH (Juliana Harkavy).

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow continues to be just the most fun, but I have 2 points:

  • Ray (Brandon Routh) fought Kuasa (Tracy Ifeachor) in the Vixen animated series. While he has alluded to knowing more about her, he has yet to tell the team en masse, or Amaya (Maisie Richardson-Sellers) specifically, her whole deal. Like that she was BROUGHT BACK TO LIFE!
  • I get why we are trying to break up Firestorm, but trying to find a way to shove the entirety of the power into Jax (Franz Drameh) is dumb. It has been established that that won’t work, it’s why Cisco (Carlos Valdes) made the splicer thing to begin with. Stop trying to do the impossible and just transfer Martin’s (Victor Garber) powers to another person (I predict the future version of Martin’s new grandson, Ronnie, personally) and movie it along.

Marvel’s Runaways is only 3 episodes in and it’s already a pretty faithful adaptation of the comics but can we maybe move it along a bit? Comics are designed to be monthly but TV is either weekly or bingeable. As the show is a Hulu series it’s kind of both so let’s ditch the significant looks and interminable stares into the middle distance and get to the titular running away.

Also this is not a FOX property which makes me super curious how they’re going to explain 1 character

The Flash is populated by some of the smartest characters (in fake science) on TV. So why is it that they’re having such a huge problem with this DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) thing? Barry (Grant Gustin) literally knows how to beat him (he told himself last year. Time Travel!), whether they believe that they found the right guy (because people in wheelchairs can’t be evil…apparently) or not, to not trust Barry’s “spidey sense” (…groan…) is insane. Also, he hired Ralph (Hartley Sawyer) at least check his bank accounts…?

While it’s going to take a lot to wrangle Star Trek Discovery into existing Star Trek canon, it honestly seems like the midseason finale was designed to further remove the show from established continuity. That said, I’m not entirely sure why this show was even made. It seems like its entire purpose is to frustrate fans who are trying to reconcile what they are doing while also piss off producers who must keep giving interviews where they insist they have a plan.

Trekkies new hope: “We know what we’re doing, we swear!”

In show time, Jane the Virgin has been going for about 7 years or so, right? Why is Sin Rostro (Bridget Regan) and/or Luisa’s (Yara Martinez) love for her still a thing?

Speaking of “still a thing,” the Kenny Rogers/Michael Bolton story (is it even a story?) on Fresh off the Boat outlived whatever humor they were going for in about 1 episode. Why is it still happening? If it was just an excuse for ABC to continue using Matt Oberg after cancelling The Real O’Neals then they need to find another way.

The “fat Jill” story on Mom is genuinely not as funny as they think it is.

I mean…

We’re all done with Modern Family now, right? That show has outlived its usefulness, surely.

A diagnosis and a new lease on life, we hope.

And, in non-annoyance news, Crazy Ex-Girlfriend is doing some PHENOMINAL work this season. From exploring Rebecca’s (Rachel Bloom) underlying issues, to really digging in on how deeply messed up nearly every character really is, the show is really hitting a high point. While some episodes have been depressing to the point of upsetting, the show is still managing to maintain the core of what we have come to expect while descending into a darker and more emotionally resonant place.


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