Review: Sex Tape

It is so hard to watch a movie with a funny, likable cast and with a potentially funny premise that blows it on execution.

Don’t get me wrong, Sex Tape has funny moments, 30 or so of them in fact. After that though it devolves into a

I feel like they're reading the script in the shot

I feel like they’re reading the script in the shot

farcical mess where bad ideas compound on top of each other in a car crash of dumb.

That analogy, incidentally, is way more interesting than anything in this movie. And, at one point in the film it’s literally true.

Sex Tape is the age old tale of two people (Jason Segal and Cameron Diaz) who are trying to reignite the spark after years of marriage and kids. We’re taken through their intense college days up though their current life as harried parents. Through it all the one thing they have lost is their once thriving sex lives. They decide that the best way to get back into the grove so to speak is to make a sex tape. Which inevitably gets out. Events then ensue that the writers wish were hilarious but are in fact merely tedious.

Segal and Diaz have good chemistry and are believable in their roles. They also love their bodies as they are naked through lots of the movie. Segal is a naked aficionado, as anyone who saw Forgetting Sarah Marshal will remember, but Diaz surprised me in her willingness to throw sideboob to the wind as it were.

Sadly though, after the initial funny set ups, the rest of the film puts the pair through an almost cartoonish amount of stupidity to get their tape off “the cloud” which is treated like some insane big bad. This film’s relationship with technology is similar to your grandma’s: “Oh isn’t that neat, it’s made of the devil.”

The supporting cast is all funny people given nothing to do: Kumail Nanjiani as a new father who seems to hate his baby, Rob Corddry and Ellie Kemper as the best friends who exist to inspire stupid ideas, and Rob Lowe showing us how he workshopped some of his Direct TV commercial characters.

Sex Tape is a really, really dumb movie with a stupid obvious plot that manages to be the unsexiset sex comedy I have ever seen. The actually funny beginning hides the fact that almost nothing else funny happens for the next 60 minutes. It might be ok to have on in the background while doing the dishes but if you’re expecting anything either funny or sexy you will be left wanting. D+


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