News Bits

In possibly my favorite news ever, Steven Spielberg is attached to direct the film adaptation of Ready Player One which is one of my favorite books. I cannot express how happy this makes me. Spielberg has a flair for the dramatic, epic, and large scope which this story is. If you haven’t read Ernest Cline’s 2011 80’s pop-culture adventure rectify your error immediately so you can be as excited as I am

The long awaited (maybe? I think?) Deadpool movie became a little more real today as star Ryan Reynolds tweeted this photo of the official costume

As to whether the new film will follow continuity established in 2009’s X-Men Origins: Wolverine (which, oh God please don’t) is still really anyone’s guess

You know how reboots are really hot right now? Well the trend continues as 2 of your favorites from the 90’s are set to return. First, FOX announced that not only will The X-Files be returning to TV but stars David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson will be returning. I was never a fan of the series but it was my understanding that the last few seasons were not very strong and fans were not thrilled with the final film either. I’ve also heard truly awful reviews of creator Chris Carter’s new Amazon pilot The After (the series order was just cancelled as well) so I am baffled as to why fans are so excited about this comeback.

In similarly baffling news, NBC has decided to bring back long running ABC series Coach for a new series order. Not a reboot, a continuation of the original show that ran on ABC from 1989-1997. This bring up several questions, chiefly why? I assume that with Parenthood recently ending NBC couldn’t bear to part with star Craig T. Nelson and signed him to the first thing they thought of. The show ran for 8 years originally, is there really still story there?

AMC’s ratings powerhouse The Walking Dead will be getting the obligatory spin-off next season. The new series will tackle a little of the pre-zombie apocalypse stories and also dive into the interpersonal dramas of a whole new set of survivors in a concurrent story to the parent show. The new series will also sport both the worst AND the clunkiest title I have ever seen: Fear The Walking Dead. No, really. This begs the question, will the after show be called “Fear talking about the walking dead”?

Zayn Malik has left OneDirection. If you’re wondering who “Zayn” is, he’s the broody one. If you’re wondering who “OneDirection” is then we can’t be friends anymore. Malik had recently been accused of cheating on his very serious girlfriend while the band was on tour. He says he didn’t but has now left the band due to stress. Weirdly, he’s done this before and the band had plans already in place for how to do 4- person versions of everything since he has a history of bailing (although temporarily in the past). Reports are now surfacing that’s he’s planning a solo effort and the whole thing is beginning to feel really calculated.

Regardless, this news triggered a mournful wail around the internet as tween-teen girls lost. Their. MINDS! Facebook shook, Twitter freaked out, Instagram devolved into nothing but that gray filter, Buzzfeed had reaction videos and quizzes up in minutes, and Snapchat was a mess that vanished nearly instantly. Luckily the disaffected college kids on Yik Yak were unaffected, as is their wont. Tumblr was of course awash with memes that were childish, overwrought, insane, and/or porographic so it was business as usual there.

In unsurprising news, Masi Oka has officially joined the happening-whether-you-like-it-or-not Heroes Reborn reprising his role from the original gone-but-bitterly-remembered NBC series.

Renewals: Vikings (History, Season 4),

Cancellations: Looking (HBO 2 seasons. 1 more special is planned),


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