Even. More. Stuff!

I watch a lot of TV. If you know me, this is hardly a revelation, but I realized that I talk mostly about movies but my real passion is TV. Since I’m in catch up mode, let’s talk about the tube.

Game of Thrones: Arguably the biggest TV story of the past few months has been how this epic, fantasy, bloody, sexy, series based on a series of books has become a HUGE success. How the hell did that even happen? Well, it’s amazingly well written and acted (and directed) and if you get over your preconceptions about it, it’s incredibly engaging. Peter Dinklage particularly is phenomenally good in the role of the sneaky sarcastic dwarf, Tyrion Lannister. This season managed to carry a continent-wide war, 5 kings, dragons, and more backstabbing (literal and figurative) than you can shake as stick at and still manged to make the show feel small and intimate when it needed to. And it’s final two episodes this season (the penultimate featuring an INCREDIBLE multi-phase battle, the ultimate leaving us with a terrifying cliff-hanger) were 2 of the best hours on TV all season, cable or otherwise. I HIGHLY recommend checking it out, with some giude of characters handy ‘casue there’s a million people on this show.

Once upon a time/Revenge: ABC’s 2 new hit dramas ended their seasons with game changing twists. From completely resetting the show back to square one (OUaT) to setting each character into a massive tailspin, in some cases literally (Revenge) these shows amped up the action and left their viewers BEGGING for next season. Outstanding mention to OUaT’s Lana Parilla (Regina/Evil Queen) who plays heartbreaking and mind-numbingly evil in the same scene, and Revenge’s Gabriel Mann (Nolan) who manages to make a smarmy weasally character and make him so fun and fresh. Get the DVDs, ’cause these are can’t miss shows

Veep/Girls: You guys, I broke my own rule: I could not watch more than 1 episode of HBO’s Girls. I had 4 episodes on my DVR , I watched the pilot and deleted them all. It was so boring. And akward. And stilted. It’s like the show is analyzing the traits of a TV show while making one. It’s robotic and strange. Does it speak to a certain group of people? I suppose so, but I’m not sure that I would even like to spend time with those people. And it got SO much press and SO much acclaim… I just don’t get it. I don’t get it in the same way I don’t get indie rock. Clearly it’s not for me. Veep on the other hand, Julia Louis-Dreyfuss’ vice-presidential comedy, is right up my alley. Fast-paced, funny, and featuring a great ensemble- it’s like Arrested Development in the White House. And, no political knowledge is required!

Coming this Summer: True Blood has already premired and I already want more, HBO’s Newsroom looks like Sports Night with swearing, Drop Dead Diva is back with a Kardashian for one more episode and an obnoxious smirky new angel that will continue to annoy me, So you think you can dance is awesome and will have 2 winners and no results show, Dallas comes back and…hot men are involved…so that’s a thing…I guess. Oh, and America’s Got Talent has a new judge (Howard Stern) and controversy brewing during it’s auditions.

Stupid Cancellations: Ratings be damned,  GCB was awesome.

Final thoughts: Community’s 8-bit video game episode was inspired, Glee made me cry-and not just because I have NO IDEA how next season will work, Donald Trump picked the wrong guy, and while America’s Next Top Model is British she was the best choice and the clear winner so stop whining, internet.


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