So. Much. Stuff!

AHHH I have been so amazingly busy! And lazy. But mostly so busy that I haven’t been able to write anything. Even though I think about it often and fondly. I miss you, my adoring fan-base. Which I’m certain exists and is not entirely in my head.

I’m going to try to catch up with this post and cover what I’ve missed since last time.

Avengers: You guys, “Avengers” was really good. I mean, like really really good. Solid acting, directing, and (mostly) writing. 2 complaints: for a super hero movie it was intensely talky, which made it feel overlong and at least 2 plot holes you could fly a giant armored alien snake through which felt jarring and weird. But, combining so many characters from so many movies from so many directors into a cohesive and usable and non-messy film must’ve been daunting, but if anyone could do it, it’s Joss. And he did. And it wad pretty damn great. A

Dark Shadows: Marketing is tricky. You want to give audiences just enough to intrigue them and leave them wanting more, but you don’t want to give away the farm and tell them everything they’re going to get. “Dark Shadows” was marketed as a broad, comedic, romp with a new type of vampire based on a dark, Gothic soap. What we got is a dark, glacial, soapy comedic mishmash with little to know direction featuring a vampire and a family filled with moronic stereotypes and half realized characters. Ironically, the characters were lifted from the soap, and they had 5 (+) years of development to pull from. And, I think that’s where they screwed up, they tried too much. And, simultaneously too little. God, this movie was so weird. And left-field doesn’t even begin to cover the end of film bizarro twist. Just a rudderless mess.  D

Men in Black III: I’m just going to put this right up front: Josh Brolin is AMAZING in this film. He INHABITS Tommy Lee Jones’ entire being. As to the trickier issue of is there a reason for this film to even exist…enh your mileage will vary. Sci-Fi is hard, time travel-based sci-fi is even harder. It’s makes some people’s heads hurt so that could put a lot of people off this right off the bat. But everything that made people fall in love with this franchise is back in spades and it does the one thing it needed to do: Be better than Men in Black II. B

Next time: TV!!


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