Review: “The Losers”

I firmly believe that no knowledge of the source material should be required when watching an adaptation film. Frankly, even knowing that there is source material seems pointless as they’re wholly different universes. The comic book adaptation “The Losers” not only doesn’t care if you know the source, it really doesn’t care if you’re paying attention.

It’s the typical story of an elite special forces team who gets screwed over by their enigmatic boss and  plots an overly complex revenge. As always the enigmatic boss is a meglomaniacal psycho so you can really root for the heroes as they try to take him down. Throw in some minor betrayal, a more-than-she-seems hot chick, and some major whatever technology and you have a movie.

But, what “The Losers” excels at is taking those elements that you’ve seen before and, through a director that was clearly having a great time, displays them in weird and interesting ways. Slow motion kick-ass fight in a flaming room? Sure. Blasted apart mirror reflects the action from other angles? Ok. Random parkour? Why not? Director Sylvain White throws it all at you to keep you visually engaged in a film that is in no way mentally enganging.

On the whole “The Losers” is a comic book on film. I had no idea it was a comic before seeing it but every facet of the film reminds you. You don’t need to know the plot, the characters, or even really their motivations, but if you turn your brain off and drink in the visuals you’ll have a pretty good time. C


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