What I’m watching

–ABC has once again erred on the side of financial responsibility rather than growing a viewership and cancelled "Eastwick".While I thoroughly enjoy the show, I do understand the decision as it was consistently not pulling its ratings weight. But, to drop it and keep "The Forgotten"? Really?! I'm a certified TV addict and I generally forget (pun very apt and totally intended) that show even exists. "Eastwick" at least has a great cast, "The Forgotten" has…Christian Slater (wow, check that cast, I'm so glad they're keeping them employed)

–November sweeps is in full swing and the strains the economy is putting on the industry is showing a little- fewer "WOW I gotta see that!" moments and more "huh, that looks interesting." But this is the time when the shows pull out all the stops to get viewers so I though a quick rundown of what I feel is deserving of those eyes would be in order. Because, y'know, no one makes a move without my go ahead:

  • "Eastwick": Send it out with a bang won't you. If nothing else Rebecca Romijn, Jamie Ray Newman, Lindsey Price, and Sara Rue look amazing.
  • "Modern Family": One of the funniest shows on TV right now. Surprisingly, endearingly, and cringe-inducingly real.
  • "Cougartown": Also hilarious in the same slapstick-with-a-heart vein as "Scrubs"
  • "Castle": A quirky procedural in a "Moonlighting"-esque way. Plus, Nathan Fillion can just stand there and I'll watch.
  • "V": The Potential is there. I really hope they push towards it. And, maybe a bit faster, as the pilot was sloooooooowwww
  • "FlashForward": Still going and still interesting
  • "Ugly Betty": This season is awkward and uneven so far, but the hilarity ensues. Delicious soapy goodness. But, y'all added Daniel Eric Gold (Matt) to the main cast and he's thus far just been another in the long line of people pissing all over Betty. And, we ALL KNOW they're getting back together at some point, let's get this moving.
  • "How I met your mother"/"Big Bag Theory": SO HILARIOUS
  • "Melrose Place": While some of the shine has gone from this campfest, I'm holding hope for the January reboot and the loss of Ashlee Simpson-Wentz (and Collin Egglesfield!) and return of Heather Locklear
  • "Vampire Diaries": The mythos is growing, which is good. The acting is actually regressing which is bad. Hit or miss really, and I wanted out out episode 4 and then they had to grow a damn plot.
  • "Stargate:Universe"/"Sanctuary": Specific genre stuff here but "SG:U" is brilliant in its fresh take on the 15-year-old "Stargate" franchise and while "Sanctuary" has changed a lot since it's freshman season (killing a main character, and bringing in a new "anti-hero" played by the fabulous Agam Darshi) it still struggles on the day-to-day while the arc stuff is wonderfully enthralling.

*WHEW* I watch a lot of TV (and that's leaving out the reality shows: SYTYCD, Project Runway, DWTS, and ANTM. And Amazing Race when I remember). Happy Sweeps!


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