Review: “Ocean’s 13”

The most sequel-tastic season in recent memory rolls right along with a movie designed as an "I’m sorry" to film-goers. Ocean’s 11 was a masterful remake of a rat pack-era classic. A stylish, sexy crime comedy with an incredible cast, it’s success assured a sequel. Unfortunately, that sequel lost all of the charm of the first and saw the cast basically partying in Italy while intermittently shooting scenes in a convoluted, boring, and self-absorbed vanity project. When that tactic didn’t work, they chose to return to the previous form and Ocean’s 13 was born.

The plot here is the same as it ever was: rob something in an overly-elaborate way while being very cool. The motivation is all that needs to be explored. Revenge drives our cadre of hooligans this time, as new cast member Al Pacino screwed over Elliot Gould in a business deal, possibly causing a heart-attack. Now that the set up is out of the way the movie focuses on unfolding the caper.

And, I can’t tell you more. Mostly because when the film gets to this point it reveals all of it’s secrets. Nothing that occurs in this movie after a certain point is suspenseful. In fact the most tension comes from wondering the lengths they’ll go to commit their crime. The intensity of their endeavor is astounding.

But, most people will come to this film for its stellar cast. All are in fine form in drama, comedy, and all are oozing with cool.  The interplay  this cast has with each other  in these characters is amazing, as they completely lose themselves in the roles. The exception being new cast member Ellen Barkin who appears to have lost herself in her massive and unsightly plastic surgery.

As a third in a series, this film keeps the promise made by the first and makes up for the mess that was the second. While the plot is in no way complicated, the way you get from point A to point B is paved with fun and is very very cool. B-


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