Review: “Chicken Little”

Disney has had a pretty uphill battle with it’s animation of late.
Since their split with Pixar (the last movie of that pairing, 2006’s Cars, has been delayed so long I don’t know if it’ll ever open) they tried to go back to conventional animation (the atrocious Home on the Range and Brother Bear) and they’ve focused on their vault of past successes. After last year’s The Incredibles though they vowed to stick with CG animation, a crowded marketplace, and try their luck without Pixar. And that brings us to Chicken Little.

Most probably hold little hope for this smallish film loosely based
the fairy tale to be any good at all. The highly kid skewed trailer was
even enough to dampen the spirits of the most hardened Disney fan. But,
then the trailers started to reveal the humor of this movie and my
hopes at least brightened.Clittle It looked funny, like The Emperor’s New Groove
funny (In my opinion the apex of Disney animated farce). I grew
excited, and I went into the theater with high hopes, and many fears.

My hopes were answered my friends and this film delivers in spades.
It’s 81-minute runtime notwithstanding this movie near perfect. It’s
not the greatest ever made but it’s surely a contender for best CG
kid’s film. The characters are beautifully designed and acted (voice
and model) they appear real and yet exaggerated and cartoonish. The
title character, Chicken Little, is adorable and almost cuddly. And,
not just because he’s voiced by Zach Braff.

The humor isn’t for everyone, a love of zany is required. But, if
you give it a chance, you’ll be delighted by the sensitive, endearing,
and yes hilarious movie you’ll find. I would say it’s perfect for
everyone with a love of cartoons and whimsy. The script is tight and
not overloaded with leaden jokes. Each gag is delivered with finesse and
is totally appropriate to the situation.

The animation is great. Even the background characters appear…
cuddly is the only way to describe them. The effects even seem at once
menacing and overexaggerated to the point of cartoony excellence.

I honestly think I excel at ripping a movie apart, when I’m
delighted by them I find that I gush like a fanboy. But, with this film
that may be it’s strength: it’ll give the kid in you a warm feeling of
joy. Isn’t that the highest compliment I could pay to a cartoon? A


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