Review: “Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith”

It’s difficult to not devolve into cheap fanboy ranting when it comes to
this movie. It’s been apart of the cultural consciousness, not to
mention my life, for… well my entire life. And, although I’m not what
most people would consider a "Star Wars Geek" I’m a a huge fan who was,
like many, disappointed in the first two prequels. All that said? "Star
Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith" is pretty awesome.

The movie is self-spoiled to those who care to know about it, so I won’t reveal too many adStarwarsitional
details, except to say that the ultimate transformation of Anakin
Skywalker into uber-villain Darth Vader feels a little…rushed to me.
Don’t get me wrong, I see where it comes from but total allegiance to
the light side switches to unwavering allegiance to the dark side
shouldn’t be like flipping a light switch.

The central problems with the most recent two films (lack of believable action, pathetic
soapy dialogue, Jar Jar et. al.) are mitigated somewhat by the short
scenes and the quick cuts. The first 45 minutes jump scenes so often
it’s like a flip book, but that allows you to take your focus away
from the dialogue, which George Lucas again insisted on penning
although it’s not nearly as bad as it could’ve been. (Oh, and Jar Jar
appears three times in the film but speaks nary a word.)

The true star of this film is Ian McDiarmid’s Supreme Chancellor
Palpatine. A fixture of all six films, McDiarmid really gets the chance
to shine as his character arc is finally revealed to the 6 people in
the audience that hadn’t caught it before. The man seethes with creepy
abandon as his true evil (literally and figuratively) explodes all over the
entire galaxy.

But who cares, you want to know about the action. The film starts with a
galactic war and rarely lets up up through the climactic battle. The
effects and stunts serve to compliment the story perfectly. When Anakin
fully commits to his dark journey it plays out with demonic
precision as his most hideous acts seal his fate as a true villain.

The film is not without flaws, as I said earlier Lucas wrote and
directed it. It’s heavy handed, cheesy, and totally overwrought and
I think I fell through a few gaping plot holes. But as a conclusion to
the first half of a saga it works very well. And, although the ending
is ridiculously rushed, the loose ends are for the most part
satisfyingly tied up.

The 28 year saga of Star Wars ends with this final film and and now the
story is complete. Not everyone will be happy but now the whole story,
as the creator envisioned it mind you, is out there and this fanboy is
satisfied. B+


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