Ocean’s 12: Some Thoughts

The new film sequel Ocean’s 12 opens today and I have a few thoughts from the advance screening I attended. This is by no means a proper review, but merely a collection of things in my head when I reminisce about this film.

  • Ok, What?
  • So, then he… wait what?
  • Wow, Brad Pitt is hot. Really really hot
  • Steven Soderbergh needs to be stopped. For real
  • That is a really misleading trailer
  • Scott Caan? Holy crap, he’s so damn hot
  • I think I need a flowchart
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones looks incredible
  • The “twist” hinted at in EW? I thought it was a bit lame, but was handled well
  • No, seriously, WHAT?!

One extra note, Ant a hack fag comedian that VH1 has a hard-on for, said on VH1’s “review show” “Red Light, Green Light” that he found this movie to be predictable. I suppose ultimately it is, but that discounts the fact the the plot is practically incomprehensible and just focusing on the obvious end. And, Ant sucks.

I need to see it a few more times (to tell you what happened) but I really liked it. The director and the DP need to stop with the “edgy” bullshit, it’s not interesting or avant-garde it’s actually distracting. Frankly this movie was shot like a low-rent 70s soft-core euro porn movie (Think the “Emanuelle” series) with on screen titles reminiscent of a public access learn French TV shows that that I tend to flip past daily.

Look people, I found Pulp Fiction to be downright linear and I have very little clue of what really happened in this A-list heavy sequel. But it was enjoyable.


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